Thursday, August 30, 2018


The 12th Edition of MOTELx, the Lisbon International Horror Film Festival, begins on the 4th of September and it’ll run until the 9th. As usual, it takes place mainly at Cinema São Jorge.

This year, for some obscure reason, the opening night is for invitations only and that made many of MOTELx and horror fans feel angry. Like me, year after year, we’ve been there, giving our support and love to the Festival. This attitude from the organization feels like they don’t have much respect for us, fans. 

It seems they were kind of forced by the Portuguese movie distributor to show THE NUN by invitation only; but it was a terrible decision and I wish they had chosen another movie for the opening night, one that anyone could see by buying a ticket.

Anyway, as usual, here is my gallery with posters from practically all the movies that’ll be shown in this year’s edition.

For more information and for the full programme, visit MOTELx,



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