Sunday, October 21, 2018

HELL FEST by Gregory Plotkin

The Plot: On a horror-themed amusement park, a serial killer, disguised as one of the employees, targets a group of friends as his next victims. 

The Movie: I know, we have dozens of horror movies with psychopaths and I’m sure there will be dozens more in the future. So, it’s very difficult to bring something new to this horror subgenre. Thankfully, director Gregory Plotkin knows what he is doing and gives us an enjoyable horror ride.
At the beginning, when we are introduced to a group of stupid horny teenagers, I thought this was going to be terrible and I wished the killer would slaughter them sooner than later. But, when we are taken to the amusement park, things become more interesting; I still didn’t care for the characters, but I loved the set design. I’m sure I would think twice before visiting a park like that, where fake and real deaths can be found in each corner and where no one will care for yours screams, it’s all part of the show. The set makes this movie and there are some really scary places inside the park.
The cast is what we expect for this kind of movies, they aren’t great, but they aren’t bad. The killer is a silent one, with no jokes and I appreciated that. For a movie that follows the genre rules, there are two nice touches; don’t be afraid, I won’t reveal them. One has to do with the “final girl” and the other is the sweet dark note that ends the movie.
By the way, when will we have a “final boy” instead of a “final girl”?

My Rate: 6 (from 1 to 10)

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