Saturday, November 24, 2018


The Plot: It’s Christmas and the small town of Little Haven is getting ready for Santa Claus. Unfortunately, instead of Santa Claus they get a lot of zombies and Anna and her friends have to fight to survive, with more than a song and dance routine to keep in the holiday spirit.

The Movie: It’s inevitable. While watching this movie I kept remembering SHAUN OF THE DEAD, that for many people is the best zombie comedy ever made. But let me tell you a secret; for me, this ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE is funnier and better.
The pop songs aren’t up my alley, but they work in the context of the movie and that’s what matters. Director John McPhail (whom I was lucky to meet at MOTELx and was a very funny guy) has a terrific sense of humor and rhythm that keeps things moving at a good pace. McPhail knows that, in order to get our attention, we must care about the life of the characters, so he gives them time to develop and then proceeds to put them in dangerous situations that keep us in suspense.
As a huge fan of musicals, I know they aren’t easy to pull, but somehow the genre works perfectly with the zombies (Michael Jackson knew that) and the results, with lots of gore, keep us entertaining and laughing. The beginning is hilarious and there’s much more to enjoy here. 
It’s not the best horror comedy in the world, but the cast, led by Ella Hunt, is better than the usual in this kind of movies and the end result is refreshing. It isn’t every year that we get to see “a zombie Christmas musical”. I can hardly wait to see what John McPhail will do next!

My Rate: 7 (from 1 to 10)

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