Friday, September 2, 2016


The Plot: A new and deadly enemy destroys the Enterprise and plans to destroy the Federation, it’s up to Captain Kirk and his crew to save the day.

The cast: The cast of the previous movies is back and they all seem to have a lot of fun in returning to their roles. The best thing about Chris Pine’s Kirk is the fact that he didn’t take the role seriously and that works perfectly. In fact, no one seemed to take this very seriously and that’s what makes this movie fun to watch.

The Movie: The previous movie, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, was probably the best of this series so far. Director Justin Lin had the hard task of doing at least a movie as good as that one and he failed. But that doesn’t mean this one isn’t good. In fact, it grabs our attention from beginning to end and there’s plenty of action and terrific special effects to keep us entertained. What it doesn’t have is an interesting bad guy, although I loved his “bees”. The relationships between the characters don’t have the intensity they had on the previous title, it’s all very superficial. In my humble opinion it should have been darker. But if you love science fiction and big Hollywood blockbusters this one is for you!

My Rate: 6 (from 1 to 10)

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