Thursday, May 26, 2016

THE WITCH by Robert Eggers

The Plot: New England 1630. A family is expelled from their community and go to live alone on the threshold of a dark forest. One day, their baby is kidnapped by a possible witch and things start to go wrong inside the family.

The cast: All members of the cast seem to have come out from 1630 and physically they really look like the true thing. None of the characters is very likable and, although the actors are convincing in their roles, that doesn’t create an emotional bond between us and them. As the older daughter, Anya Taylor-Joy shows a sensual innocence essential to her role. One final word for the twins, they’re truly irritating.

The Movie: This is one of the most hyped horror movies of the last years and that created a lot of expectation around it. Maybe that’s why I was a little bit disappointed by it. I don’t mind the absence of gore and the movie has a gloomy atmosphere to compensate it, but there’s no suspense. The slow pace doesn’t help either. At the same time, there’s a religious hysteria and a sense of darkness that goes on a crescendo until the finale. I’m guessing here, but it seems that director/writer Robert Eggers makes a connection between witchcraft and the sexual awakening of the older daughter, plus showing us the hypocrisy of religion fanaticism. This psychological horror movie is visually interesting and there’s a couple of creepy moments, but for me that’s not enough to call this a new genre classic. I expected more.

My Rate: 5 (from 1 to 10)

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