Friday, June 10, 2016

THE CONJURING 2 by James Wan

The Plot: After a terrible experience at Amityville, Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to London in order to find out if a family of a single mother and her four children are true victims of an evil presence at their house.

The cast: Once again Vera Farmiga delivers a strong performance as Lorraine and Patrick Wilson convinces as Ed. Frances O’Connor is excellent as the mother and as her possessed daughter, Madison Wolfe has an innocent look that creates empathy with us. The rest of the cast is a strong one, up above what we usually get in genre movies.

The Movie: Well, it seems director James Wan did it again and even better than in the first time. This is a very well executed movie, that made us care for its characters and also delivers the right amount of chills. There’s enough suspense to keep us glued to our seats and creepy moments that I really love. The sound effects are great and keep us always on the edge of something evil; it’s like we can feel that malevolent spirit all around us. This movie is a terrific example that a good horror movie doesn’t need gore and chip chills to be good, on the contrary; all that is need is a good story, interesting characters and the right atmosphere. Of course not everything is good and I could live without the song and a couple of sweet moments, but on the whole this is a really good horror movie based on a true story. Don’t miss it!

My Rate: 8 (from 1 to 10)

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