Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Hi movie lovers and, specially, horror fans.

For several reasons, I decided that, from the beginning of June, this blog will be only about Horror (some Sci-Fi and Thrillers may be included) and written in English. Please, don’t let this scare you away!

For the new banner, I used original photos of me and I tried to create a creepy atmosphere. As you know, for me, atmosphere is a must in the Horror genre. Other things that I think are important in the genre are characters that we care about, a good story and suspense. I like gore (blood and guts), but it doesn’t make a good movie unless it has the other things.

As for my past posts in this blog about movies that don’t belong in the genre, for the time being I’ll being keep them.

I hope you’ll visit this blog and I hope there will be good movies for me to write about. 

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