Saturday, February 13, 2016

DEADPOOL by Tim Miller

The Plot: Wade (Ryan Reynolds) is an ex-special force operative that lives as a kind of mercenary. When he finds out he has cancer he leaves his beloved girlfriend and accepts to take part on a terrible experiment. Things don’t work as he thought and so he becomes the Deadpool.

The cast: Pretty boy Ryan Reynolds has the best of times as the title character and excels in every detail. This is his movie and he fills it with heart, spirit and a terrific sense of humor.  As his girlfriend, Morena Baccarin jumps from the television to the screen with style, sensuality and an unexpectedly humor vein. Together they light up the screen and some of the best scenes are between them two. In the supporting role of Blind Al, Leslie Uggams is a delightful surprise.

The Movie: For his debut as a movie director, Tim Miller gives us a refreshing look at the universe of the super-heroes, where nothing is taken seriously and where sex is as important as the next special effect. Miller shows a careful eye for small details that make all the difference. Miller also cares for the supporting characters as much as he cares for his hero and that makes a big difference. Although it has lots of great special effects, a CGI character and long scenes of action, this isn’t your typical super-heroes movie, so be prepared for something new, crazy and violent. The action sequence at the bridge is insane, but the sex scene between Wade and his girlfriend is as good or even better. This is a lot of fun and, for once, I hope I’ll see further adventures of the sweet and outrageous Deadpool at the big screen. You got it, you should see this at a big screen!

My Rate: 8 (from 1 to 10) / Visit my DEADPOOL Poster Gallery by clicking here

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