Monday, September 17, 2018


Movie producers want to scare us on the last weeks of Summer, giving us three different reasons to be afraid. Unfortunately, none of the three fulfils its task. That doesn’t mean the movies are bad, in fact they’re entertaining, but they failed to scare me… okay, THE NUN gave me a couple of shivers. The three movies are actually on the US top ten box-office list.

THE MEG by Jon Turteltaub
Let’s begin with THE MEG. A gigantic prehistoric shark gets loose of its water “prison” and starts eating everything that comes is way; what he doesn’t count is on the heroic manly Jason Statham.
Of course, this is no JAWS, but director Jon Turteltaub don’t take things seriously and even manages to create some suspense. The best sequence is the one on the crowded colorful beach; we can hardly wait to see what the shark will do to all those loudly swimmers.
As for Statham, I guess it’s one of those actors that you like, or you don’t. I don’t. His emotions rival with the ones of the shark, but somehow it works here, and the rest of the cast isn’t a threat for any of the two.
This won’t keep you out of the water, but it’s lots of fun.
My Rate: 6 (de 1 a 10)

THE NUN by Corin Hardy
An evil nun is nothing new and this one has already haunted, more successfully, THE CONJURING 2. She did it so well, that the creators of the franchise decide to give her her own movie. But the result isn’t up to the standards of the previous movie. In fact, the story is very poor, and we still don’t know how it all began.
The sets reminded me of the old Hammer movies, a nice touch, and there’s plenty of nun action to keep us entertained. The story follows a Father and a Sister who have to go to an old Romanian convent to see if it still is on God’s grace… they find an evil nun and a wicked force.
Director Corin Hardy, who gave us the excellent THE HALLOW, struggles to keep us interested and the addition of a cute and funny male character doesn’t help. The humor doesn’t work, there’s no suspense, but there’s too much special effects. The figure of the nun is creepy and there’s a couple of chills, but she deserved a better movie. 
As for the cast, Damián Bichir, Taissa Farmiga (curiously, she’s the daughter of Vera Farmiga, the Lorraine Warren of the CONJURING movies) and Jonas Bloquet deserved better material. 
My Rate: 4 (de 1 a 10)

THE PREDATOR by Shane Black
The last PREDATOR movie, PREDATORS, was an interesting return to the series and it worked. I wish I could say the same thing about this new chapter of the franchise, but I can’t.
This time a “good” predator come to Earth to help us against its race, but of course we don’t know it and the government is only interested in getting the alien weapons. The good guys are a bunch of looney ex-soldiers, a kickass science teacher and a super intelligent kid. 
For this kind of movie to work it needs characters for us to care about, otherwise we lose interest. The only guy whose fate I cared about was the bad one played by Sterling K. Brown, I just wanted to see him in the hands of the predator.
Director Shane Black keeps the story moving with plenty of explosions and jokes, some funny others not so. The end is stupid and opens the door to more movies, but at least it’s not boring,
My Rate: 4 (de 1 a 10)

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