Sunday, November 11, 2018

OVERLORD by Julius Avery

The Plot:On the eve of D-Day, a squad of Americans soldiers arrive at a small French village in order to destroy the Nazi communication center that exists on the local church tower, but what they find on the subterranean corridors of the church it’s much more dangerous.

The Movie:This is one of those movies that the less you know about it the better, but it’s been sold as a horror movie, so we all know what we’ll get. It begins like a war movie of the 40s, creating suspense between the Nazis and our heroes, but midway through the action it changes to a full-blown horror movie. Imagine how you’ll react if you didn’t know about that? 
Director Julius Avery is competent in both genres and, in my view, it works better as a war movie. In fact, it reminded me of those old American war movies about almost suicidal missions, but with a bloody violent twist. 
As for the horror part, some things are quite disturbing, but not really scary. There are no chills, but we do care for the fate of our heroes. I confess I was expecting a true monster climax at the end, but that’s note the case. But the movie left me with a sense of dread that was hard to shake off, like what I felt with Lucio Fulci’s best movies.

My Rate: 7 (from 1 to 10)

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